Menu card 25 €

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Menu card 25  €Menu card 25  €

Menu – 25


Choice of Starter and main dish or Main dish and dessert

 Starter only – 11€, main dish only – 21



Scotch Salmon Carpaccio with citrus fruits and blue lime sorbet
Fresh products, Scotland or Norway — gluten free

Zucchini and Sea Scallop Flan, toasted spice bread
Fresh products except for frozen scallops — little gluten * 

Eggplant and goat Cheese Clafoutis
Fresh products, France —

Baked Goat Cheese on a bed of guacamole, salad
Fresh market products, cheese from our artisan provider

 Tomato Tatin with basil, sorbet
Fresh products,


Main dishes

Seabream Fillet, baby spring vegetables
Fresh products, fish from Greece — gluten free


Duck Magret with caramelized tomatoes and Espelette pepper
Fresh products, France


Vegetarian Platter — assortment of hot and cold vegetables
Fresh products — gluten free


Young Pork Cheeks with honey and red wine sauce,
mushrooms and bacon, scalloped potatoes
Fresh products, Germany or Ireland


Minute-grilled Veal with Roquefort or pepper sauce
Fresh products, Ireland — Roquefort sauce gluten free


The Evening's Special
Depending on availability

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