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Formule – 24 (available except on holidays and evenings with dinner concerts)

Choice of Starter and main dish or Main dish and dessert

Starter only – 8, main dish only – 19




Zucchini Cappucino with cream cheese

Fresh products


Chicken Liver Salad with walnuts and figs

Fresh products prepared on-site, chicken origin France


Tomato Salad and mozzarella di bufala

Fresh products


Main dishes

Roast Salmon Steak, roasted beets

Fresh products, Scotland (or Norway if unobtainable) — gluten free


Free-range Chicken Leg à l’orange, tagliatelle

Fresh products, France


The Evening’s Special

Fresh productsa supplement can sometimes be added depending on the dish



Young diners often prefer these dishes.
For children under 10, main dish and dessert – 16,
with two scoops of ice cream or selected desserts

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