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À la carte

A la carte


Foie Gras Tapas with arugula, green asparagus, mango… - 14

Foie gras, France, our preparation — gluten free on request


Zucchini and Sea Scallop Flan, toasted spice bread - 12

Fresh products except for frozen scallops — gluten free on request


Duck Foie Gras Terrine with citrus fruit confiture - 17

Foie gras, our preparation, France (Gers)


Scottish Salmon in citrus marinade, arugula, and toast - 13

Fresh products except for frozen artichokes —gluten free —vegetarian


Belgian Endive Tatin caramelized with sesame - 9

Fresh products — vegetarian



Main dishes

Beef Tenderloin with Béarnaise, Roquefort or pepper sauce, scalloped potatoes and crunchy vegetables - 33

Fresh products, Ireland or EU — Roquefort sauce gluten free


Roast Duck Magret with wild mushrooms, chestnuts, and sumac - 23

Fresh products, France — gluten free


Sea Bass Fillet with sautéed vegetables, emulsion of caramelized cider vinaigrette - 27

Fresh products, France or Turkey


Sautéed Sea Scallops, new potato velouté, eggplant - 32

Fresh products, France or Turkey


Rack of Lamb paprika, fried eggplant slices with rosemary - 28

Fresh products, lamb from UK or France


Vegetarian Platter — assortment of hot and cold vegetables - 22

Fresh products — gluten free


Suckling Pig with honey and red wine sauce, mushrooms and bacon, scalloped potatoes - 19

Fresh products, Germany or Ireland


The Evening's Special

Depending on availability



Cheese Tray – 12

Choice of 3 aged cheeses per person
from the chef's selection of the season's best




Desserts – 9

We make all our own desserts and serve the finest artisanal ice cream.


After Eight Sundae served with Get 27 liqueur (+ 4)

Mint and chocolate artisanal ice cream — gluten free


Strawberry Cream Pavlova with fresh berries

Fresh products


Chocolate Almond Lava Cake with candied kumquat

Fresh products


Crème Brûlée with black tea

Fresh products


Coffee or Tea Coquin (+5)
with chocolate mousse, mini crème brûlée, ice cream…

Fresh products— gluten free on request


Champagne Gourmand (+10)
Assortment of our desserts served with a glass of champagne


Crispy Apple Tart with caramel ice cream

* Please order at the beginning of your meal — 25 minutes’ preparation!

Fresh products




The restaurant is open every evening.

It can be reserved at lunchtime for special occasions.


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