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sweet pleasures

Nos petites gâteries 9 euros ... Nos petites gâteries 9 euros ...

Desserts – 8

We make all our own desserts.


Duo of Lemon and Cactus Sorbets with tequila
Frozen products — gluten free


Coffee Tiramisu
Fresh products


Crème Brûlée au Carambar
Fresh products — gluten free


Coffee or Tea Coquin (+4€)
Coffee or tea with chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, and ice cream
Fresh products— gluten free on request


Three Mousses (dark chocolate, white chocolate, and coffee)
Fresh products — gluten free


Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Profiteroles with pistachios
Freshly baked pastry


GrapefruitEcstasy with green tea and fresh mint
Fresh fruits — gluten free


Crispy Apple Tart with caramel ice cream
Please order at the beginning of your meal!
Fresh products




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