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Gluten free
À la carte ... À la carte ...

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Nails in Flaky Pastry with black chanterelle mushrooms  15 €

Frozen snails, EU

Sautéed calamari, soy sprouts and cashews  17 €

 Fresh Calamri , gluten free    16 €

Smoked Salmon Salad with feta, apples, dill, and lemon  14 €

Fresh products — gluten free

Vegan Salad

Duck Foie Gras Petit Prince « House » : 

 - Terrine, with toast and date chutney 19 €

 - an-fried in veal gravy with spicy mango 17 €

 Fresh products, France — gluten free on request

"Fine de claire" Oysters

Origine France — sans gluten,

Main dishes

Vegetarian Platter — assortment of hot and cold vegetables  22 €

Fresh products — gluten free

Codfish Steak with spinach sauce                                            24 €

sans gluten

Rack of Lamb with herb gravy                                                 26 €

Produits frais, origine UK

Sautéed Sea Scallops with saffron butter and carrot roulés  32 €

Beef Tenderloin with béarnaise or pepper sauce                   32 €

Fresh products, 180+g of meat from Ireland or Germany— béarnaise sauce gluten free 

The Evening's Special                                                              22 €

Selon marché, Depending on availability




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